Live, Dead & Artificial Baits

Our live baits are supplied from a company in Bedfordshire and we strive to maintain them in the best possible condition. Our dead baits are supplied by Bait Box who are renowned for the quality of their products.

We have half litre pre-packed tubs of red, white or mixed maggots.

Our frozen baits for pike, pearch and sea fishing include Smelt, Lug Worm, Squid, Joey Mackerek, Mackerel Fillets, Perch, Roach, Blueys, Lamprey and Pike Packs.
We have pots containing approximately 20 Dendrobena worms.
We have pots containing 10 large Lob Worms.

We have a good selection of artificial baits from Enterprise Tackle.

We also have artificial bait from NGT and assorted bait sets for sea and coarse from Grandeslam and Fladen.