General Accessories

This handy bit of kit will band baits of 3mm up to 12mm and can also be used as a gripping tool to dip baits without the angler getting messy fingers. Just place a band over the four unique gripping arms and open to the size of your bait. Place bait inside, close up and your bait is banded.
Q-Dos Tungsten Putty is essential for rig concealment, easy to mould and apply to hooklength’s, mainlines and balancing baits for perfect presentation. Superb for outwitting rig shy carp.
Long lasting resealable pot and eco friendly
Packs of assorted float rubbers ideal for all floats and pole floats.
Tungsten Tubing . The inner diameter of the tungsten tubing is 0.6mm and the outer diameter is 1.85mm. The weight of the tungsten tubing is 9.5g per meter and comes in a 1m length. There is 1 length of tungsten tubing per pack.
Soft Beads 8mm Diameter. These shock beads are being used much more by anglers to protect damage to the line especially from sliding ledger weights.
These swivels are extra strong with a smooth spinning action. Swivels can be the most critical bits of tackle on your rig
We also have a range of rolling, snap, coastlock and three way swivels in various sizes.
Float stops in sizes small, medium and large.
A Stainless Steel knot puller used for tightening knots. The Knot Puller is designed to make sure all knots are tight. Aviods lose knots then avoids losing them fish.
Designed so that you can alter the size of your bait or hair length in seconds, without having to re-tie your rig!
Two sizes available of these classic fine maggot clips. Ideal for presenting a bunch of maggotts on a hair rig
Link ledger beads.
Ledger stops also available in the shape of black beads.
1mm Flexible rig tube
Glow tips for your rods or floats when night fishing.
We have medium and large maggot clips.
Bait elastic is ideal for securing your bait to hooks especially when sea fishing.
We stock lead clips and tail rubbers and packs combining both.
4mm & 8mm beads in many colours.
Zip slider booms available in red and black and strong enough to handle heavy leads especially when boat fishing.
Quick change swivel features a uniquely designed eye shape, which is partially open (with a small inlet). Place the hooklink loop over the swivel eye and secure in place with the especially made Anti-tangle sleeve. This swivel makes it easy to change rigs very quickly.
Assorted Latex rubbers to make effective rigs.
Wire traces to use when fishing for predators.
This is an excellent air pump to clip on the side of your bucket and keep your live bait alive.